Leuveco B.V. specializes in copper and fibre-optic based cables and connectors. We develop, produce and test mechanical and electrical components according to customer specifications.
Over the years, Leuveco has gained extensive experience in finding solutions for defence, aircraft and space program industries,
on / offshore, and other engineering fields.

Leuveco also produces cable-assemblies, umbilical's, junctionboxen, connectors.
Polyurethane mouldings are one of our specialties.
All submarine cables and umbilical's are extensively tested in a hydrostatic pressure tank.

Leuveco is a Dutch factory with NCAGE code H6177, and is a Dutch offset partner.



Leuveco Rail System

Rail feedtrough for Fokker 50

Special connectionsystem for F-16

Leuveco Rail System

Leuveco Rail System




Leuveco Rail System

Mould Deutch 9316 Connector

Flexprint assembly

Cable with Polyurethane mouldings

Hydrostatic pressure Tank

Flexprint assemblies mounted in wing

Coax cable

pressure switch assembly

Airframewire feedthrough F50/100

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