Custom made cable assemblies

The above broadly covers Leuveco's principal activity.
More detailled would be to say that: Leuveco provides electrical and optical
connecting applications from deep under water to space.

These connecting applications can be:

  • Connectors, both standard and specials
  • cable, both standard and specials
  • Cable assemblies
  • Junctionboxen

Leuveco offers a large variety of new and improved products:Developments and applications
in the electrical connection field.

Over the year's, Leuveco has gained extensive experience in finding
solutions for defence, aircraft and space program industries, on- and offshore
industries, and other engineering fields.

All products manufactured by Leuveco, including those obtained
from third parties, are tested at the company's own researh and
development department .In order to ensure optimum quality endproducts,
we work according to the ISO 9001quality assurance system.

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